Buy “Lost” apple trees!

BUY A “LOST” APPLE TREE for your property!

Drawing of “Nero” apple


The Whitman County Historical Society has been proud to partner with the Lost Apple Project. So far four lost (thought to be extinct) apple varieties from the Palouse have been located and identified by apple “sleuth” David Benscoter. He has taken cuttings and arranged for the propagation of 100 trees which are now for sale. They include 25 Arkansas Beauty, 20 Nero, 20 Fall Jeneting, 20 Dickinson, and 15 Palouse. The Palouse apple was not extinct but it is an important part of Whitman County history as it was the only apple discovered in the county to go on to have popularity as far away as New York.

These trees are on M111 rootstock which can grow to twenty feet. They will be on sale to the general public for $25.00 each and to WCHS members at $20.00. Arrangements can be made through the Perkins House Coordinator, Theresa Dale, to purchase these “Heritage” and “Lost” apple trees. Contact Theresa at 509-397-2555 or to place your order. Pick ups can be arranged on either Saturdays or Sundays between 10 am and 2:00 pm at the Perkins House, 623 N. Perkins Ave., Colfax.

All proceeds help to fund further apple research and the WCHS.