Why volunteer at the Perkins House?

The 45th Ice Cream Social at the Perkins House has taken place.  Many
people had the opportunity to view and appreciate the grand old house, as
well as eat ice cream and be entertained, thanks to the efforts of
volunteers and helpers who turned out to make the day work.  But
maintaining and improving the House is a year round effort.  Here is why
more people should consider joining in, and for more than just a day.

In 1972, when the House was in such poor shape that it was at risk of
being condemned and torn down, the community rallied to preserve this
priceless piece of its history.  The Whitman County Historical Society was
formed and, lead by Norma McGregor, its first president, bought the House,
grounds, and Cabin.  Local businesses donated materials and supplies,
volunteers worked long hours for free, craftsmen provided their services
for little or nothing, and the Perkins House and Cabin were reborn.  Then,
to furnish the buildings in a style consistent with the past, the people
of Whitman County gave of their own antique furnishings, textiles, and
possessions to the Society.  A community coming together like this to
protect something of great value through hard work and generosity is an
event people can point to with pride.  Some decry that this sort of thing
doesn’t happen anymore; but for it to happen, there have to be those
volunteering to do the work – those too start things off, and then new
volunteers to not only preserve that legacy, but expand it.  That’s what’s

But aside from civic pride, history, and beauty, there’s another reason to
support the Perkins House:  Cold hard cash.  Approximately 10,000 cars a
day go through Colfax.  Some of them contain tourists coming to photograph
this area’s amazing scenery, experience local events, and visit places of
interest.  Like St. Ignatius, the Codger Pole, AND the Perkins House.  The
better these places are maintained and promoted, the more tourists come;
and coming, spend money.  The more tourism money that comes in, the better
off everyone is.

The Perkins House needs gardeners; maintenance workers; tour guides to
show visitors around and tell them what they’re looking at; and those
willing to help put on special events, like open houses and shows of the
many amazing quilts and fabrics in the House.  And that only scratches the
surface.  Promotion on the Internet and social media would greatly help
draw tourists; right now the only Perkins House YouTube video is one
showing external views of the House and Cabin through colored filters.
Not the greatest advertisement in the world, perhaps.  So if you want to
help, even a little, call 509-397-2555 or email