About Us

Organized in 1972, the Whitman County Historical Society strives to preserve the history and cultural heritage of our region. To do this the society has developed programs designed to meet a variety of interests in the area. The society owns two museums, three historic buildings, publishes a newsletter and a historical journal, and maintains a growing archival collection. In addition, the Historical Society has a number of on going projects.

Officers and Board of Directors 2019

President: Greg Partch (Garfield)
Vice PresidentMark Clinton (Colfax)
Treasurer: Jon Anderson (Pullman)
Secretary: Janet Barstow (Palouse)

Board Members:

Theresa Dale, Thornton

Greg Druffel, Colton

Pat Flansburg, Palouse

Carrie Lipe, Colfax

Linda Hackbarth, Pullman

Krista Boyd, Colfax

Jeff Pietila, LaCrosse

Denise Mahnkey, Pullman

Director: Valoree Gregory  Steptoe

Bringing the Past

to the Present

Whitman County Historical Society

PO Box 67

Colfax, WA 99111