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Fix a Clock Fundraiser

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Whitman County Historical Society’s local Clockmaker fixes clocks for Cashup Davis Fund.

Jim Martin’s interest in Clocks and Watches has spanned over 50 years now. He started his interest at age 10 when his dad would give him his Great Grandfather’s railroad pocket watch to hold up to his ear and listen to it tick. 

By age 20 Jim had purchased a complete set of watchmaker’s equipment from a former watchmaker. Right out of high school he signed up for a watch and clock program in his hometown of Spokane, WA. He has been repairing watches and clocks ever since. Jim says” I found my niche early in life and have never been able to kick the habit.”

When he has not been keeping people on time, Jim has pursued many other avocations, from working at Boeing as an Aircraft Inspector, building custom picture frames and cabinets to restoring antiques.  “I love antiques especially from the Victorian era”.

Jim’s current ventures include restoring vintage photos and clocks for Whitman County Historical Society members in return for a donation to the Cashup Davis Fund. He has rescued several clocks that are now on display and right on time at the Perkins House Museum in Colfax, WA.

In his shop a variety of clocks are brought in for repair. "People around my age or older have antique clocks. Younger people enjoy the big round clocks that are 3 or 4 feet across, "Then there are plenty of cuckoo, and novelty clocks that need help”.

Jim fabricates parts he cannot find. "If I need a part for an 1885 clock, I can't go down to my friend Dave at Ace Hardware and get them." “While clocks tick quietly away on the wall or shelf, eventually they need some work”.

"People don't think about it, but if your car ran 24 hours a day for 10 or 15 years, you'd think, ‘Boy, that ran a long time.’ Clocks wear out, too."

"The fascinating thing for me is to take a clock that is dead in the water and revive it to keep time again," says Jim. "It has been very satisfying for me having worked with clocks for over 50 years. I look forward working on clocks every chance I get."

Cashup Davis is Jim’s Great-Great Grandfather.  A new Cashup Davis Exhibit is in the making at the Colfax, WA Library and Jim is doing his part, fixing clocks for donations to The Cashup Davis fund.

“It’s a win-win situation, they get their clock fixed and the Historical Society gets needed funds for the Cashup Display”.

Jim's work on these vintage clocks can be seen here:   Clock Repair Videos

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