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Pat Flansburg - Holy Trinity Church Coordinator

105 E Alder Street

Palouse, WA 

Call for appointment or to rent the church:        509-878-1826

     Holy Trinity Chapel is a small, lovingly preserved former Episcopal Church which was built in 1896 and is still in all original form.  This unique chapel is home to one of seven lich-gates in the United States. There are many interesting architectural details including 8 tri-foil topped windows, buttressed exterior walls,  a combination of wood and shingles covering the church and a wrought iron tie back on the chimney that matches the altar inside the church.  Services had been held from 1896 through 2003.  As there was such a small congregation left in Palouse to use the church for Sunday service, the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane decided to sell the building in 2003.  When several people in Palouse heard that the building was to go on the market, a meeting was held to determine if there was enough interest locally to purchase it.  Fortunately, there was a dedicated core group who were willing to invest time and money and a proposal was made to the Diocese to purchase the building.  The offer was accepted and the Historical Society agreed to take ownership of the building with the community group continuing to maintain and operate the care of the church.  In 2004 the church was placed on the Washington State Register of Historic Places and in 2005 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

     Continued restoration of the building continues as funds become available. Two stained glass windows have been repaired.  Shakes have been replaced on the roof in 2006, the lower building shingles were replaced in 2014 and the exterior of the church was repainted in 2016.  Funds to partially cover the costs of these improvements were raised through two tours of homes and gardens in Palouse.  Donations were also encouraged to support the painting of the building.

     Several weddings and other small group events have taken place in the church.  It is always available for weddings, funeral services, local special church services, recitals, and cultural presentations.  Tours are given at any groups' request and many professional photographers have found the setting and lighting in the church exceptional for photographing.

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