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Janet Barstow- Chatters Museum Coordinator

110 E Main Street

Palouse, WA

Hours: Saturday 10am to 2pm 

Closed in January and February


     The Newspaper and Printing Museum preserves the equipment and methods of letterpress and linotype printing. The museum also holds an extensive collection of early newspapers from throughout Whitman County and has rotating exhibitions featuring artifacts and photographs from the region. While all of the equipment used by early-day printers is still operational, it is obsolete or unsuited to modern printing practices. This equipment and the extensive collection of county newspapers provide a unique opportunity for research in letter-press printing technology and in local history.

Click on this link for a You Tube video about the background of the museum: Museum History

     The museum is open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm or by appointment. We don’t  mind spur-of-the-moment requests and want to share this museum as much as we can!  Group tours are welcome as well, with advanced notice. 

     Genealogical research is also available, with a donation requested for this service. Whitman County newspapers available for research include: Endicott 1904-57, Garfield 1888-1951, LaCrosse 1910-65, Palouse 1892 to present; Rosalia 1900 to ?, St. John 1918-41, and Tekoa 1919-57.

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