Organized in 1972, the Whitman County Historical Society strives to preserve the history and cultural heritage of our region. To do this the society has developed programs designed to meet a variety of interests in the area. The society owns two museums, publishes a newsletter and a historical journal, and maintains a growing archival collection.

The Historical Society has a number of ongoing projects including the Perkins House in Colfax, Washington, the oldest house in the county; the WCHS Archive located in the Gladish Community Center in Pullman, Washington; and the Roy Chatters Newspaper and Printing Museum, located in Palouse, Washington.

The Society sponsors an Ice Cream Social the last Sunday in June.

Officers and Board of Directors 2016-2017

President: Greg Partch (Garfield)
Vice President: Mark Clinton (Colfax)

Treasurer: Jon Anderson (Pullman)
Secretary: Ed Garretson (Uniontown)


Board Members: Greg Druffel, Colton; Dan Leonard, Colton; Kathy Meyer, Pullman; Valoree Gregory, Steptoe; Pat Flansburg, Palouse; Mahlon Kriebel, Garfield; Janet Barstow, Palouse; Theresa Dale, St John