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Our Archive is here to help!

Our Archive volunteers have access to photos of buildings, farms, plat maps, artifacts, business directories and historical events. 

Prices for assistance: 

Our research is done on a volunteer basis. We will process your request as soon as we are able and appreciate your patience.

Our minimum research fee is $10.00, which covers a maximum of one hour of research. In addition to this minimum fee, extra costs such as copies (15 cents per page) and postage are added. If you wish research beyond the initial hour, let us know the maximum amount of hours for which you are willing to pay as it helps us plan our research. Additional research costs $10.00 per hour. 

Research sites to investigate on your own. 


Whitman County Genealogical Society

The Society can help find information about family members or ancestors from the Whitman County area. They do charge a small fee for their services.

Rural Heritage

Community Digital Archives for

Washington State 

Photos from the WCHS are also posted on this site. We partner with the Whitman County Library


Other Resoures Online

Washington State Archives - Digital Archives, Birth, Marriage, Death and other

Whitman County 1910 - Historic Maps

Historic Map

Library of Congress- Sanborn Maps, Fire Insurance Maps



Chronicling America

Washington State University Digital Collections

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